1. Surrounded by lawns and trees, is Ape Rosa far from the city centre?
No, it’s only 10 minutes away from the centre, by car or bus; the bus stop is only a few steps from our gate.

2. Do you have internet access?
Yes: you can connect with your own PC, just ask us a LAN cable. All the structure is wireless covered; the access is free of charge.

3. I am going to stay in a B&B for the first time, will it provide the same facilities as a hotel?
Yes, there aren’t many differences, although the atmosphere is more cosy. A B&B gives a more relaxed, family, relationship with guests; therefore it is essential to inform us on your check-in time, as the reception is not open all day round..

4. I would like to rent the entire B&B for my family or friends, is it possible?
Yes, you can rent the villa, all bedrooms and the park, and use it exclusively. You need to give a certain advice, though, to stop bookings on the dates you want.

5.Do you provide a parking space inside the garden? How much would it cost?
Yes, we offer one car space for every bedroom, free of charge.

6. I plan to arrive at dinner time, can I check-in anyway?
Yes, you only need to inform us by phone or email. If you arrive after 10pm, you will have to pay a little extra fee.

7. Do you accept dogs?
Yes, we love animals! We only apply a little extra daily fee to guarantee cleanliness and hygiene also to the other guests. Your dog can play in the garden, too, but we do not agree on leaving them alone in your bedroom while you are away. It goes without saying that you are the only responsible for any damage your dog might cause to the place or to other guests.

8. Is there a restaurant inside the villa?
No, we only serve breakfast. It is possible, though, to arrange a meal and even a reception for private occasions.

9. I am a celiac, will I not be able to have breakfast at Ape Rosa?
No problems: if you let us know, we will make sure you find all you need to have a proper gluten-free breakfast.

10. Is your B&B structured so as to put up persons with handicaps?
Unfortunately it is not: the villa is protected by the State as it is an historic building, therefore we couldn’t make the necessary structural changes: all bedrooms are on the first and second floor, and it necessary to go up two or four flights of stairs.

11. Is it possible to walk downtown?
Is it possible to walk downtown? Yes, and it is a very nice walk! But remember that a bus stops here and drives into the city, next to the main train station, in a few minutes. We also rent bicycles, the best transportation media for such a small city as Florence.

12. Can you help me to organize visits to museums, once ai the B&B?
Yes, here you can find leaflets and information to decide what to visit. We will then look after the reservations, when needed and/or possible. For museums inside the city, we can make reservations for you even before you arrive, provided you have completed your booking with us.

13.I have a reservation for next summer: are there mosquitoes?
Yes, of course. We spray regularly our garden, but survivors are always there; we provide every bedroom with a specific anti-mosquito gadget.

14Is the water pool at the end of the garden available for guests, in summer?
Yes, you can use the pool, free of charge, according to the listed timetables.

15. There is something else I would like to ask… Then write to us! You can find our email address on the “contacts” page. We will try to comply with your requirements and to reply to all your questions